Hidden treasures of Main St #1

No matter which park we visit, my favourite area is always Main Street. It’s a combination of the stores, the buildings themselves and the long view down the street with the castle at the bottom. I especially love Main Street at Disneyland Paris because of the added extra – the arcades. The arcades run parallel to Main Street, behind the stores and restaurants and they’re under cover because of course, this is Europe and we get lots of rain!

The arcades are great places to find a seat, find bathrooms that are much less crowded, and also they’re great to use in order to find out which eateries on Main Street are less busy during parades etc. During our June 2017 trip to DLP, we ducked into the arcade located at the Discovery land side of the park. Not only was it blissfully cool and shaded, but we found an empty bathroom to take our 4 year old to. We were able to wash him down and change his clothes (it was really hot!) and it wasn’t at all busy or rushed. Next we took a walk along the arcade and found ourselves at the back of the Main Street bake shop, which (weirdly!) wasn’t operational. No food for sale and no staff around (maybe it was down to timing? This was 11am-ish). All the seats were empty , but it was still open.

Main St Bake Shop, all deserted. This was taken on Thursday 15th June 2017.

However, Gibson Girl Ice cream is right next door and that was open! Plus, you can just walk through from one shop to the other. So we bought 3 scoops of ice cream and some ice cold drinks and went to sit in the Bake Shop. We pretty much had the place all to ourselves (just one other family had the same idea). I can’t tell you how lovely it was to come out of the hustle & bustle of the busy park and find a calm, cool little oasis where we were able to get cleaned up, re-charge our batteries and get hydrated and cooled down. It’s stuff like this that I love about the parks. Finding things we would not otherwise see if we just headed off and joined a queue somewhere. There’s lots of hidden treasures to find if you slow down and explore!