Carl & Ellie: A lovestory in 10 minutes

If you’ve seen the Disney Pixar movie UP, there is no way that the first 10 minutes didn’t move you. If you’re anything like me, then it moved you to tears. As far as I’m concerned, the beginning of UP is Disney Pixar’s greatest film achievement. A complete love story told in under 10 minutes. Carl and Ellie meet as children, and the adorable, in your face gap-toothed Ellie soon brings Carl out of his shell with her boisterous, tomboy adventure seeking ways.

As if the scenes of Carl & Ellie as kids aren’t cute enough, the film then delivers the most touching montage you’ve ever seen. Carl & Ellie getting married, Carl & Ellie moving into their dream house, Carl & Ellie having a picnic and dreaming about everything they want to do together…..then the sadness of them wishing for a baby that they lose. Then Carl helping Ellie to feel happy again, saving for a trip to Paradise Falls, then life getting in the way and them cracking the savings jar…..

Next of course, is Ellie tidying Carl’s tie every morning over and over, until eventually, we see Carl’s face and now he’s old and so is Ellie. We see Ellie take a fall, and end up in hospital. Carl decides it’s now or never and books the travel tickets. But of course, it’s too late. They never make the trip. Carl loses the love of his life and is alone, and the love story is at an end.

Or is it? This is Disney Pixar after all and every single one of their films is magical, with unrivalled story telling. Ellie is still with Carl every step of the way as he realises his dreams and also realises that he isn’t alone now that Ellie has gone.  Russell, Kevin & Doug are the other characters in the film and the ones who save Carl and reignite his passion for life – and travel.

At the heart of this film at all times is the relationship between Carl & Ellie. This movie and those two characters have touched the hearts of millions of people and inspired countless others.

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Grape soda pins these days are a popular token of affection for couples to gift one another (my fella gave me one, brought back from a trip to Disneyland Paris!). The love story of Carl & Ellie is so sweet, meaningful,  heart-warming, heart-breaking and very moving but ultimately, it’s a love story that gives us hope. It gives us something to aspire to – I mean, talk about relationship goals, right? I suppose in the end, we all fear that empty chair at the side of us so it makes you live life a little fuller and appreciate our loved ones a little more every single day.

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