Mary Poppins: New photos!

In our house, there are 3 Mary Poppins fans. However, one of us is just a little more hardcore than the other 2 (Paul, I’m looking at you). In our MP collection, there are DVDs, books and soundtracks of course, then we have the original movie premiere programme, Set stills in an envelope stamped with Disney office details, a China figurine, the Pop Vinyl, Disney artwork and a few other bits & pieces, including a Dick Van Dyke autograph. I’m personally looking forward to the sequel and love Emily Blunt so I’m all behind us getting a new film. Paul on the other hand….well, there is only one Mary Poppins for him and it isn’t Emily Blunt. Take a look at these photos….what do you think? Yay or nay? Exciting or not?

I am in the ‘bring it on’ camp! Fingers crossed that this film lives up to the hype.