Why we love Disney

In a completely odd move on their part, Universal Studios in Orlando yesterday made the decision to ban Youtuber Adam The Woo from their parks indefinitely.

At the time of witting this article, Adam has 287,818 subscribers to his channel and some of his videos have had over 6 million views. Seriously. New videos get released and by the time we sit down to watch them in the UK, they’re already up to 50k views. It’s mind boggling that Universal Studios have taken this step – do they not have a marketing team, a social media team? Why on earth would you ban someone from your parks who is basically your brand ambassador? Someone who works for free to promote your parks and reaches millions of people? He’s an advertising dream come true! Odder still is that Universal have made this decision just now – based on the contents of videos over 5 years old. Most people in the vlogging/blogging community are annoyed with Universal Studios today and all it does is reinforce our love of Disney (Disney – the company who recognised that Adam isn’t a menace or a criminal. Disney, who lifted their ban on him.  Disney, who are smart. Disney, the Kings of marketing!).

Anyway, Paul and I ended up talking about how we’ve fallen out of love with Universal a little bit. And here’s some good reasons why:

  • Universal Studios suck at Kids food.
    That’s right. We went to the 3 broomsticks for breakfast. Where were the kids meals? There weren’t any! This was our response, delivered by an unhelpful, grumpy, impatient man. So we had to buy our 2 year old son an adult meal. Genius. Read our review HERE.
    The Disney difference ► They have Kids meals everywhere, Mickey Check Meals, Power packs, snacks, everything. Because they recognise that kids don’t need adult meals. They won’t eat everything and it’s just too expensive.
Breakfast for kids? No.
  • Universal have no kids rides for little ones.
    Unlike Disney, who have TONS.
    The Disney difference ► MANY rides to choose from. Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, It’s a Small World, Toy Story Mania, Mad Tea Party, Dumbo, Aladdin’s Carpets, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Rangers…..I could go on. You get the picture, I’m sure. What could Sam do at Universal? The Harry Potter train. Nothing at Seuss Landing. Nothing we found anywhere else. Dreadful.
  • It’s outdated.
    Harry Potter is what saves Universal Orlando from being a park we now avoid. Going to the park is like stepping back in time to the nineties when I first started to visit. The trouble is, they take out the great, real classic rides, but leave in the old rubbish that does need replacing. All of the new rides are just 3D ride throughs or old rides re-themed to fit in with certain areas. Lame.
    The Disney difference ►Disney are constantly updating, adding, expanding, innovating, creating and improving in all of their parks, worldwide.
  • The staff
    Most Universal staff members we have come into contact with have been great. Some haven’t and it’s been more noticeable at Universal because it happens more often there.
    The Disney difference ► Trained to follow a code of conduct that ensure the ‘guest’ is made to feel welcome, valued and special the ‘cast members’ ensure they are unfailingly polite, helpful, welcoming and accommodating. Trust me, you notice the difference.

You get the general idea about our views, which are very much family orientated. Universal just don’t cater to the little ones like Disney do. They also seems pretty dumb when it comes to the power of social media and what someone with a YouTube channel can do for their brand. Although they have embraced The TimTracker, they seem to be missing a trick with Adam. Banning him is certainly not the answer.

A petition was started online today. When I signed, it had 91 signatures. It’s now up to 578. If you would like to read more and voice your disappointment about this, you can sign the petition here. Come on Universal! Time to get a clue, time to up your game.