Disney Bucket List

With flurries of news coming through I feel that maybe the point of this website gets lost a little, so today I am going for something a little more personal, my personal Disney bucket list.

Now obviously I think most of these will be on most peoples list (well most of them anyway!!!), but I want to set out my own personal reasons for these so here goes starting with what I feel will be the easiest to tick off.

First up is either The Walk in Walt’s Footsteps or Keys to the Kingdom tours at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom respectively. There are multiple other tours available over the various parks, but these two stand out to me. Due to being a Disney history buff, these two tours, I believe will quench my thirst for knowledge of the parks as well as giving me a glimpse into those lesser seen parts of the parks, be it Walt’s Apartment above the fire station at the end of Main Street or the Dream Suite inside Cinderella Castle at Disneyland or the a glimpse of those fabled Utilidors underneath The Magic Kingdom.


Next up, we have a visit to Walt’s Barn. Now technically I know it isn’t the barn, but it is an exact replica that can be found in one of Walt’s favourite places. Located in Griffith Park is home to a museum depicting Walt’s love of the railroad with multiple items that belonged to Walt as he built his own model railways.


Sticking with that history theme, a trip up the coast to San Francisco, to The Walt Disney Family Museum. Set up by Walt’s late Daughter Diane Disney Miller, this museum, though not official connected to The Walt Disney Company, has the biggest collection of Disney historical artifacts. Starting with his beginnings in Chicago all the way through to when he died, multiple exhibits depict some of the most famous moments in his life. Not only that but they have regular events, with people who worked for The Walt Disney Company, including Imagineers, as well as changing exhibits.


Back to something directly related to the company, and that would be the D23 Expo. I have been a convention attendee here in the U.K. for nigh on 15 years. Starting with Buffy and Angel events back in 2003, I have met multiple actors from various tv shows and films, but the D23 Expo is a different kettle of fish. Not just a standard promote a current thing, this is about Disney, past, present and future. Imagineers, animators, actors, directors as well as board members all make appearances as well as collectors of Disneyana, this is a mecca for all Disney fans.


This one on the list is kind of follows the previous item, as I would love the chance to speak to an imagineer. Having mentioned that they appear at the Expo, this isn’t the only way. Some of the older imagineers have written books etc and make appearances at non-Disney events like Bob Gurr below at friend of the site Justin Scarred’s event this past Christmas.

For the newer and current imagineers, you also have the chance to actual book a lunch date, over at the Hollywood Brown Derby at Hollywood Studios.


Next, and this is in the middle mainly due to costs etc, is visiting the Asian Parks. Though we have been lucky to visit Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris, we have yet to make it out to the Eastern Parks. I find it hard to chose between the 3, Hong Kong has some wonderful one off rides, including Mystic Manor and for now, The Iron Man Experience (hear more here as to why it might not be a distinct attraction for much longer http://strikepodcast.libsyn.com/strike-marvel-studios-history-with-jim-hill). While by all accounts Tokyo has the most beautiful park in Disney Tokyo SEA and Shanghai is new and the most technolgicaly advanced park of them all.


The penultimate item on the list is a running related item and I am hoping I can cross this one off in the not too distant future, and it’s a double one. First up is to run The Dopey Challenge. Every year Run Disney host The Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. This means 4 days of running, a 5k, 10k,1/2 marathon and a full marathon spread over the 4 days. Dopey means you run the full set. And for those who Run Disney in both California and Orlando then you can earn yourself The Coast to Coast medal.


And the last, the most difficult and probably most talked about thing on the list, dining at Club 33. Set above the Courtyard of Angels in the New Orleans Square area of Disneyland, this exclusive members only restaurant is the hot ticket for any Disney fan. You might just been lucky an make an acquaintance or  book a business meeting with someone who is a member. We haven’t been lucky enough but maybe one day