The Neverland Family


When we find a great Disney vlog, blog or shop we love to share it with you all. Our newest find is the wonderful Neverland Family – and the new reason we love Thursdays so much!

The Neverland family are Jenni, Frank, Ellie & Max – a gorgeous family from Florida who have a Youtube channel (here).  We found their videos when we were looking for in depth DVC villa reviews. Everything else we could find online was a few minutes long and we wanted something with detail, and boy are these videos fantastic for that! Every nook and cranny is explored, filmed, described and reviewed. The family have visited so many Disney resorts and they really do dedicate a lot of time, effort and energy to their videos which makes them a very enjoyable watch. Also, Max and Ellie are absolutely adorable and it’s lovely to see them growing throughout the videos.

What we also love is the Neverland Threadss Etsy store! Custom Mickey ears, Tees, bags, and more – all lovingly handmade by Jenni. The great news? They ship to the UK! 

Definitely check out their vlogs and their store, you will not be sorry! The Neverland family have joined our current line up of essential Disney vlogs viewing. We get in from work, bath Sam & get him to bed after his supper, cook our own dinner and then sit down to watch The Trackers, Adam the Woo, Justin Scarred, DLRP fans and now the Neverland family. In fact, I’ve started to choose their videos first! We’ve currently watched about two thirds of their videos and soon we’ll be up to date with everything. Then we’ll be waiting for every Thursday to see their latest adventures. Find out how great their videos are for yourself – connect with the Neverland Family:

Etsy Store