Disney Parks That Never Were Part 1

As part of an ongoing series, I am going to be looking at Disney Theme Parks that were planned but never actually went ahead.

After Disneyland was opened, Walt denied that he planned to open parks in anywhere but the one he already had in California.

But this wasn’t true, by 1963, Mr Disney was in talks with the Mayor of St Louis. Now we know Walt held Missouri close to his heart, having spent his formative years in Marceline, Missouri.

Walt had been approached by the Mayor to produce a film for St Louis’s Bicentennial, but Walt wasn’t interested in something so trivial.

Walt was after a theme park. Lined with his knowledge of the area and plans he had for, strangely, a New Orleans area in Disneyland, Walt had huge ideas for a new park.

Disney was very impressed with the plans the city had for the event, this included the new Busch Stadium, which would have sat just 2 city blocks south of Disney’s Riverfront Square.

Plans for the park included

– Lewis & Clark Adventure, a ride based on the travels of Lewis & Clark expeditions.

– A ride based on folk legend Mike Fink

– A ride based on folk legend Davy Crocket
– Pirates of The Caribbean (which at the time was in the planning stages for Disneyland)
– A New Orleans Square based on the one currently located at Disneyland
– Haunted Mansion (again which was in the planning stages for Disneyland)
– Riverboat Ride (which has become a staple of all Disney Parks)
– An attraction based on the Meramec Caverns of Missouri
– Two Circarama theaters, with at least one of which would show a film about St. Louis
– A bird room 
– An explorable pirate ship
– An Opera House
– A wishing well
It would have featured its own version of Main Street, where one side would related to Old St Louis, where opposite would be Old New Orleans.
At a cost of $40 million, the park would have been of higher concept to Disneyland, using WED’s audio-animatronic creations for The World’s Fair.
But no this wasn’t the newest creation, the plan was that this park would be the first indoor theme park.
Sadly, the park never came to be. Rumour had it for a long time that Walt butted heads with Busch over the sale of liquor, but that wasn’t the truth.
It came down to who would pay the cost of the park. As we have seen since The Walt Disney Company tend to make deals of costs of parks, seeing them not having the controlling stake in the parks in Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai.
Also it is believed Walt had found better deals elsewhere, namely some swamp land in Florida!!!