Mission Breakout to Get Earlier than Expected Opening

It was announced today, in another bizarre twist, that Guardians of the Galaxy:Mission Breakout will open on the same day as Pandora on the opposite coast, as part of The Summer of Heroes.


It is confirmed, that yes, Mission Breakout will open on May 27th alongside a whole host of other Marvel themed experiences

This is what Disney had to say about the Tower of Terror replacement

“This new adventure blasts you straight into the “Guardians of the Galaxy” story for the first time ever, alongside characters from the blockbuster films and comics. As you help Rocket bust his pals out of the Collector’s Fortress, you will experience randomized ride experiences complete with all-new visual and audio effects and music inspired by the popular film soundtracks. You never know which adventure you will get!”

Adding to this will be all new interactive experiences.

Following in the footsteps off the likes of ElecTRONica and Mad Tea Party comes Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Dance Off, a dance party inspired by Mixtape Volumes 1 and 2, where you might bump into the likes of Starlord and Gamora.

Moving on to a more Earth based Marvel experience, your youngsters can join The Avengers Training Initiative, where they will learn to battle the villains of the Marvel Universe alongside Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Last but not least, come two new Hero encounters. Joining the First Avenger, Captain America and the Spectacular Spider-Man will be the aforementioned Black Widow, Natasha Romanov as well as possibly the most loved member of the MCU, Groot.

All this comes as part of The Summer of Heroes, let’s #HeroUp