Beaches & Cream review


So, I wrote an article about Boardwalk villas recently, which can be viewed here. It mentioned the Yacht & Beach club resorts and got me thinking back to our last Florida trip in 2014 when we visited the Beaches & Cream café. I realised I’d never shared details of that experience or written a review, so here it is!

Booking in advance for this place is essential, especially during peak season. We went during November and it was still busy and not accepting any walk-ins. So first tip – definitely make a booking to ensure you can eat here. Don’t forget that you can book your reservations 180 days out, so you can be sure you get the date that you want. Second tip, book this place on the day that you intend to visit Epcot. It’s just a short walk down International Gateway (located at the United Kingdom Pavilion). It’s a lovely place to get away from the crowds at the park and we also enjoyed looking around the Beach Club Resort.

When we arrived, we had to wait and we were slightly late getting to our table. We’d heard great things about this infamous place so were slightly taken back by how small it was once we got inside. It felt a lot like stepping back in time; it genuinely had the feel of a small town 50’s diner. The Disney magic was not apparent on walking in though.

We were given a table rather than a booth and I did feel quite cramped at first if I’m honest. I soon realised though, that once the place was at capacity it was actually fine. I just expected more people to be coming in, but this didn’t happen so everything was okay. It’s cosy on purpose and that’s what helps to create the intimate, chilled out atmosphere.  We got a high chair for Sam and some crayons and colouring pages to entertain him and he was happy too.

After days of earing burgers, pizza, fries, pulled pork sandwiches, etc. I was feeling a bit delicate and was so relieved to see tomato bisque and grilled cheese on the menu. I ordered this thinking it would make a nice change, but really – how good could tomato soup be? I wasn’t expecting much; just a break from heavy foods and grease! However, it was very, very good. My favourite meal of the trip, hands down! This meal was so delicious and tasty, I was actually really surprised. That’s when I knew this place had a good reputation for a reason! Next thing to happen was the sirens flashing and a big hoo-ha kicking off because someone had ordered the Kitchen Sink! For anyone who doesn’t know about this, you can read more here.

The Kitchen sink is definitely a sharing desert! Order this at your own risk because a) the whole soda shop will know you’ve ordered it and b) It costs a LOT so you will want to make sure you can eat it all!

We really enjoyed the ambience, the food and the very attentive service here. We weren’t hurried along (even though I’m sure there were more people waiting for their reservations), and we were looked after very well.  My husband thoroughly enjoyed his food too! Speaking of food, take a look at the menu:



You can also read more about the menu HERE. The tomato bisque and grilled cheese will set you back just $10.50 and it’s worth every cent.  We left a hefty tip at the this place because we appreciated how lovely the waitress was with our little one, and the attentive, warm service we received. We would definitely recommend Beaches & Cream!

Food: 8½/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 9½/10
Characters: N/A
Value: 8/10
Overall: 8½/10