Star Wars Land to Make it’s Launch in 2019

During the same earnings call where Bob Iger confirmed the opening date of Pandora-World of Avatar, he also went on to confirm when Disney plan to have Star Wars Land ready for visits for Rebels, Jedis and Siths alike.

Though rumours had Hollywood Studios being way behind the curve on construction compared to Disneyland, Mr Iger has said that both lands will at least open the same year as each other.


You will be able to travel to the two galaxies far far away in 2019.


Though no exact dates were given it was originally thought California would get the land, possibly called Star Wars Experience, in 2019 but that Orlando wouldn’t see it until 2020.

It has worked out that I will be visiting this new world 3 times across the two parks over 12 months between the last few months of 2019 and late 2020.

I can’t wait to experience these iconic characters and stories in a way only The Walt Disney Company could let you.