Super Bowl Trailer for Dead Men Tell No Tales

In true fashion, yesterday’s Super Bowl ads featured lots of trailers for upcoming blockbuster Hollywood movies and Disney aren’t shy of getting involved.

This year saw a full length trailer for the upcoming return to the high seas for Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Though we had been given a teaser trailer at the back end of last year, it only showcased newcomers to the franchise, Javier Bardem as Captain Salazar and Brenton Thwaites’ Henry and not a sign of Sparrow other than him being spoke about and a drawn wanted poster.

That is not the case this time around, we get a major look at another returning cast member, Geoffrey Rush as he returns as Barbosa, but the more exciting moment is first the quick glimpse we get of Will Turner, as Orlando Bloom makes a welcome appearance as the Captain of The Flying Dutchman, followed  by the first appearance in any marketing so far of the Rum loving Sparrow.

A new poster was also released soon after the trailer that only features Depp.


Though we maybe British, we are Disney to the core, so you won’t be finding us calling this film Salazar’s Revenge, as Dead Men Tells No Tales means so much to a Disney Purist