Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

It’s never too early to start planning when it comes to your Disney vacation. If you want a stress free, enjoyable time at Disney, don’t wing it as you will get very little done and will wind up frustrated and irritated – the complete opposite of how your vacation is supposed to be! It defeats the object of going away to have a fun, relaxing time.

We believe that part of what makes your stay is enjoyable is the accommodation you choose. This is why we’ve started planning now for our 2018 trip. Last time we visited Disney, we chose Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort (CBR), which we thoroughly enjoyed (one or two niggles, but nothing too bad). This time, we have decided we want to stay in a deluxe property, with good proximity to a park. The trouble with CBR was that once you caught the bus back to the resort, you were stuck there unless you fancied another ½ hour bus ride somewhere else. And don’t get us started on how long it took for some buses to arrive!

Our first thought was Saratoga Springs. Close to Disney Springs and with water transport options…..but eventually, we started to look at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas (BWV) and now we can’t look away! It has it’s own boardwalk full of entertainment, dining and shops, so there is plenty of good stuff right at your resort, without the need to catch a bus or water taxi anywhere.

The Boardwalk

As if all that isn’t fabulous enough, you can walk to Epcot! After a lovely walk along the boardwalk, you just walk up the International Gateway up to the United Kingdom pavilion. How ideal is that? And don’t forget that The Boardwalk is opposite the Yacht & Beach resorts which offers you even more dining and shopping options.

A 10 minute walk to Epcot – ideal!

Now onto the rooms! What we love about this resort is the look of the deluxe studio villas. Just perfect for families, these studios offer more living space and amenities than your average Disney room. There is a kitchenette (complete with toaster, microwave, coffee pot, sink & fridge), great bathroom and sink areas and in addition to the bed…..BWV have the pull down murphy bed which is just ideal for us and our 4 year old especially as we don’t want to keep pulling out the sofa bed and putting it away every day.

How cut and convenient is this bed?
How cute and convenient is this bed?

The Dumbo theming is super cute and fits right in with the resort. Let’s take a closer look at the rest of the room.

Now onto the good part. The location is ideal. The accommodations are ideal. Even the price is ideal. In fact, if you purchase DVC points, a stay at BWV could cost you the same price as staying at a moderate resort. None of the moderates have this level of convenience and comfort. Plus, once you are at Epcot you can get the monorail to the ticket and transportation centre and join the monorail resort loop to get to the Magic Kingdom and any of the hotels on the loop such as the Contemporary, Polynesian and Grand Floridian. Which means you can go ahead and book those character breakfasts!

All in all, it’s looking like Boardwalk Villas is a sure fire winner. What’s your favourite deluxe resort and why?

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