New Private Dining Experience Introduced in New Orleans Square


For a cool $15,000 you could eat in what was to be Walt Disney’s private apartment.

Yes, the apartment above Pirates of the Caribbean could be yours and 11 of your closest friends for the evening.

In the style the original apartment was designed (by imagineer Dorothea Redmond) you will be served a 7 course meal, in the way Walt and his wife Lillian would have put on a dinner party.

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It will also have what is being referred to as ‘Cocktail Hour’ where you will be given the time to look around the two bedroom abode, as well as talking to your guides for the evening, who will fill you in on all the stories about what the apartment was to be and what it has now become.

Each course will be introduced by the top class chef and servers who will talk you through what goes into each ingredient and how it would relate to what Walt and Lillian might have served.

The evening will end with coffees and desserts which can be taken either in the dining room or on the picturesque balcony over looking New Orleans Square and on a perfect night taking in the Disneyland fireworks

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Taking the name that the apartment would have had, more details on 21 Royal can be found here