Farewell to the West Coast’s Fifth Dimension

So the time has come for the portal to the Fifth Dimension out in California to permanently be closed.

Yes The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at California has had it’s final drop on New Year’s Day.


The iconic structure is now set to undergo a massive re-theme that takes you to not just another dimension but another world.

Yes Guardians of the Galaxy are moving in. Mission Breakout will now begin to appear in the Hollywood themed backlot in Disneyland Resort’s second park.

Revolving around as story that sees The Collector (the villain from GotG: Volume 1) capture the Guardians and place them among his collection of out of this world memorabilia and you have to help them escape, all while using the Tower’s original lift drop ride system.

A few months ago I lucky enough to be able to speak (as part of the Dis After Dark team) to the voice of Rod Serling on the Tower of Terror, Mark Silverman, where we discussed the closure of the California version as well as the future of the versions in Orlando and Paris.


As part of another podcast (yes I am one of those voices that appear everywhere) We discuss all things Marvel, so to have Marvel starting to make it’s presence felt in the park is great, even though Guardians isn’t one of my favourite Marvel properties. I am sad to see this ride change, saying that though California never had the full experience compared to it’s sister ride in Orlando.