Feel the Power of the Dark Side as New Medals unveiled

Following on from the release of images of the Princess Half Marathon medals, the Star Wars:Dark Side medals have quickly appeared

Again featuring Kids Races, a 5k, 10k, half marathon and a challenge, we also see the Kessel Run Coast to Coast medal, that can be won by running both the Dark Side and Light side half marathons on the East and West Coast.

First up we have the Kids Races which feature an image of a stormtrooper from Force Awakens.

Then comes the 5k, on which the new Rogue One Death Trooper is included


Moving on to the 10k, again we see a stormtropper but this time with the design from the original trilogy.


Finally for the single race medals, we have the main event, the half marathon medal, which features Ben Solo, or for those of the Dark Side persuasion, Kylo Ren.


Then comes the Challenge medal, for running the 10k and half marathon, Run Disney have launched the Death Star.


And last but not least is The Kessel Run challenge, the medal has had a slight redesign this year.


The Star Wars Dark Side Weekend will be held on April 20-23 2017

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