Cath Kidston Mickey Mouse range

So…I managed to grab a couple of pieces once the VIP pre-sale launched at 8pm on Friday 2nd December, and they have just arrived!

The pre-sale ‘launch’ was a little bit of a joke if I’m honest. The website continually crashed and when you did get on, it was painfully slow and kept throwing things out of the basket, adding more than one item and when you tried to rectify this, the website would go down again and you’d be sitting and waiting. For ages.

It took me an hour and a half to get a pen and a mug. Some people didn’t even manage to get anything at all. My main gripe is that Cath Kidston would have known exactly how many people had signed up to get the pre-sale code, so they should have configured their servers accordingly to ensure they could handle the subsequent traffic, but apparently they chose not to do this and let their website crash repeatedly. If you organise a marketing campaign and maybe 10,000 people sign up, make sure your website can handle 10,000 visits!! It does NOT create a happy shopping experience and was damned annoying.

Anyway, my pieces arrived yesterday and I am thrilled with them so that’s good. It was worth the hassle and the wait.


The mug is beautiful and is actually Royal Stafford (well known for being a fine English brand, endorsed with the Queen’s mark!).  It’s a bit smaller than I would like but that doesn’t matter as it is so pretty and amazing quality too. The pen is lovely – quite heavy and great quality. It writes beautifully!

At the time of writing this article, both items were still available to buy on the Cath Kidston website. However, many items have already sold out and are changing hands on eBay for silly money. It would appear that some people who had access to the VIP pre-sale also bought the items specifically to list immediately on eBay for triple the price. I can’t express how disgusted I am by that. I’m all for finding ways to make more money but not at the expense of genuine Cath Kidston/Disney fans who may have missed out on buying these items at the regular price. It makes them no better than ticket touts, in my opinion!

Now that all of the complaining it out of the way (haha!) here are some professional images of the Cath Kidston Disney Mickey & Minnie range. Enjoy! I hope you manage to grab a piece or two 🙂

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