Main Street Electrical Parade Return Date Set

For those nostalgics among you, something is returning to Disneyland next month.

Yes, the Main Street Electrical Parade will return on January 20th for it’s final run before glowing away for good on 18th June.

That ending date is significant in the history of the parade, as 45 years to the day, the first showing had happened so it feels fitting that it should end its run on that date.

Though the parade may not have been seen in Disneyland since 1996, it has been seen elsewhere, including runs in Tokyo, Paris, a return to the Disneyland Resort for 9 years at California Adventure before finding it’s home in Florida at the Magic Kingdom.

The return will also see new merchandise and food offering themed to the MSEP.

There will also be a special after hours preview of the parade on January 19th where guests will have access to most of the park as well as the premiere viewing of the parade on its return



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