Have Disney Moved on The Osborne Christmas Lights?

While we have waxed lyrical about The Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights, due to the Star Wars Land Expansion, they can no longer be seen at Hollywood Studios this Holiday season.

This has caused lots of rumours as to whether they might appear somewhere else on property, including Disney Springs, but this was ruled out once the new Starbright Holidays was unveiled.

It has now come to light (!!!) that Disney possibly may not even have the lights at all.

Within their Christmas press release, Silver Dollar City revealed they have included a further 1.5 million lights to the already humongous 5 million lights

As part of that announcement, a photo was included that featured some very familiar items


Now those trees and the globe look very familiar to me how about you?

IMG_5481 (2).jpg

There has been no confirmation as to whether these are some of the Osborne Lights or indeed if it is all of them. But it does make sense as the lights were originally from Arkansas, which is very close to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri .

I am very sad that they are no longer at WDW, but will be glad to see those lights aren’t being wasted.

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