We’re booked!

We booked our holiday last night! For just £714.64 we got a Lakeside room at the Newport Bay for 4 nights, including park tickets for myself and Sam. Paul has an annual pass so no need to put him on the booking. We saved £148.64 this way, because the price when adding another adult to the room was £863.28.  We will just have to pay City Tax for Paul when we check in, which is a negligible amount.  We paid a small deposit of around £115 last night, so plenty of time to pay off the rest and save spending & food money. We always book through the Walt Disney Travel company and recommend this to anyone, rather than using 3rd party agents.


Breakfast is now no longer included with any new Disneyland paris packages and you have the option to add this as you make your booking – we chose not to. We intend to have a character breakfast at Plaza Gardens on the first morning. Then we plan to try breakfast at the Rainforest Café in the Disney Village the second morning. We’ll decide later on what we’re doing for the other 3 mornings.


We have also decided not to bother with the train. In fact, we can avoid central London altogether by driving to East Midlands Airport (20 mins from where we live) and flying out to Charles de Gaulle. The cost for the flight, car parking and getting the Disney shuttle is the same (actually a little less) than the train and the journey is faster too. Plus, we found trying to navigate central London at 10pm with a buggy and all of our luggage very tiring.

One thing is for sure, the location of Newport Bay and everything the hotel offers seems perfect for our family and we can’t wait for our stay, or to wake up every morning to this view:



paul and lisa

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