June plans underway

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Our plans are well and truly afoot for June 2017! We’ve decided to return to Disneyland Paris for our Summer holidays and we’ve decided to stay at a hotel we haven’t been to before: Newport Bay. Santa Fe and Cheyenne are great for families on a budget but we can afford to upgrade a little this time. We love the Sequoia and have stayed there twice, but for this trip….we fancied the nautical theming, the refurbished rooms and the lakeside location. Our other option was Hotel New York but this is next for refurb so we decided against it as work might still be ongoing.

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What will be the icing on the cake is that Disneyland Paris will be celebrating their 25th anniversary next year! We’re looking forward to some special parades, 25th celebrations and getting our hands on some anniversary merchandise too.


Planning has been tricky as we’ve had to thoroughly research the Eurostar to get the best prices and then find the best DLP package prices. Paul has an annual pass right now, so we’re just booking for 1 adult and 1 child which reduces costs considerably. Then we’ll just add Paul to the room once we arrive. It looks like we’re all set so we’re poised for booking it right now. Exciting times!

Last year we had to change trains and after battling through London and then making the change, we were thoroughly exhausted when we arrived at DLP. All of those trains and carrying 4 bags, a toddler, a buggy and ourselves became a bit stressful if I’m honest, so it’s the direct train for us this time, for sure.

We’ll also be booking direct with the Disney Travel Co, as we had issues with our last hotel room (Cheyenne) and have been told to contact customer services when we are ready to book and stay again as they want to ensure we have a smooth, problem free stay. Watch this space on that score! Disney did send Sam a fabulous Mickey Mouse by way of apology but in true Disney style, they want to ensure the magic is put back fully and that we aren’t left with a sour taste in our mouth.

So! What’s on the agenda? 
Breakfast as Plaza gardens as this will replace Cafe Mickey after March 2017. Early entry to the park included 😉
We’ll be popping to Inventions once more, after our impromptu visit last time.
A return visit to Disney Junior Live is essential. Our little one is a HUGE Jake fan and this show is so lovely and so much fun.
Auberge de Cendrillon Princess dining is on my wishlist. Just have to talk Paul into that one…..

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We’ll be doing some vlogging once we arrive, and you can look forward to a trip report and podcast episode based around our holiday. Stay tuned!

lisa paul


    1. Hi Mel & Suan!

      It will be our 5th trip….we can’t stay away! We were hoping to get back to Florida again but DLP is just so much easier to get too – cheaper as well!
      We have loved Paris every time we’ve been and we are so eager to try a new hotel, especially the Newport Bay. It looks so nice.
      We’re booking tonight – Lakeside rooms are currently cheaper than standard rooms (weird….but we’ll take it!).
      Where did you stay? More plans to return?

      Lisa & Paul x

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