Vlogging- Run Disney


As we look to set out on a new path with a future family orientated podcast with the both of us (I am still sticking around with Dis After Dark for more adult themed Disney fun!!!) I am also in the throws of starting my training for next year’s Disneyland Paris Half Marathon (and a possible tilt at the Castle to Chateau, but no promises!!).

I feel sometimes its good to get things off your chest when you are training whether its going well or appallingly. I really think it helps you understand the journey you are on.

So for that fact I will be beginning a series of Youtube vlogs as to how my training is going, talking about any races I am involved in leading up to next September. The possibility of the Run Disney Virtual races popping up again next Summer will also be included.

This will hopefully just be the start of our vlogging channel, which will take in future trips to the theme parks, starting with Paris early next year and possibly some of our trips here in the UK.

We aren’t going to hide our major influences when it comes to vlogging, we are big fans of the Trackers, Adam the Woo and Justin Scarred, who obviously will have an effect on our style.

I hope you will join us on this new journey, you can find our channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMEpVDCkXoVHwfhhReIGDLA


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