Disneyland Says Farewell to 60th Celebrations

For almost 18 months (!!) The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim has celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the park opening, but that is soon to come to a close.

The first confirmation came with the announcement that World of Color at California Adventure would be leaving behind it’s ‘Celebrate’ Version of the show and revert back to it’s original incarnation. Now strangely the Anniversary edition of the show was probably the least popular of the new editions so won’t be looked upon as a huge loss.


The next announcement had been rumoured for a while, and that was the removal of the Anniversary fireworks show, Disneyland Forever. A welcome addition, the show also involved projection mapping across the whole park and a newly written song for the show by Richard Sherman. It will be replaced by the fireworks that were originally shown in the 1950s, Fantasy In The Sky. If the stories are to be believed this is down to the movement of the fireworks launch area, so that Star Wars Land can stay open even while the fireworks show is in progress.


The final nail in the coffin, comes the removal of the Paint the Night parade. One of the most spectacular parades Disney have ever created, originally launched in Hong Kong, it was spruced up as part of the 60th Celebrations. Now rumours have been ongoing for the past few months, that the parade will be shipped over to the East Coast and be relaunched at Walt Disney World. I can’t see this parade being left sitting around for too long can you?

maxresdefault (1).jpg

All this will coincide with the removal of all Diamond Celebration decoration around the parks. The celebration will officially end on September 5th.


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