Frozen 2 – The Rumours

Frozen has given Disney their biggest commercial animated movie success of all time. Expectations are high and all eyes are on Disney. Lots of theories are doing the rounds as we all wait for Frozen 2.  Here are the top 3 rumours we’ve read and loved:

Prince Hans returns – and is the love interest for Queen Elsa.

Maybe this time the message from Disney is to be forgiving and make the change into a better person. They were certainly clever in Frozen when Hans (who has us all believing he was a good guy) turns out to be a nasty villain. The act of true love wasn’t a man rushing to save a woman but the love between two sisters and one sacrificing herself for the other. Prince Hans made a cameo in Frozen Fever so is it really too far fetched to expect him back to mix things up between the sisters?

Anna isn’t plain old, ordinary, normal Anna after all

“Born or cursed with them…?” Elsa was born with magical powers, so it is unrealistic to suppose Anna might have powers too? Since Elsa’s powers are for Winter/snow/ice maybe Anna will have the powers of Spring/life/birth?

I’m your brother, Tarzan….

Chris Buck has confirmed that Tarzan is actually the brother of Anna and Elsa. Read more about that theory here. Just to clarify, Chris Buck also shot Tarzan, so it’s kind of a big deal for fans when he says “Elsa’s parents didn’t die on the boat. They got washed up on a shore in a jungle island. The queen gave birth to a baby boy. They build a treehouse. They get eaten by a leopard.”

It’s not exactly a stretch to think that Tarzan might make his way to Arendelle for Frozen 2.

There’s some interesting images doing the rounds on the internet too!

Elsa & Jack Frost…?

A happy event coming in Frozen 2….?

A new friend for Olaf?

We’re so excited for Frozen 2 and with Kristin Bell confirming she’s just about to start work on the movie, this must mean that the majority of the animation is complete and voice work is being done.  Still, with a release date of 2018 there’s still a while to go yet. We’ll just keep reading the rumours and looking at the pretty pictures until then! 🙂

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