D23:May The Force Be With You On Both Coasts

Bob Iger yesterday announced two 14 acre Star Wars Lands, one Hollywood Studios in Orlando and one in Disneyland in Anaheim.

Star Wars 1

In a surprise turn of events, Iger made the announcement during the Live Action film panel, rather than the later, and expected, Parks & Resorts panel.

Details of two rides where announced, the first where you get a chance to pilot the Millennium Falcon, and the second where you are thrown into the middle of the battle between the Rebels and the First Order, the villains of the Stars:The Force Awakens.

Star Wars 2

Other details included the news that regular Cat Members would be missing from the environment and replaced by creatures and characters that belong in the part of the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars 3

As part of this this immersive environment, the restaurant that everyone saw coming, The Mos Eisley Cantina, will have a complete Cantina Band, playing all the time.

Star Wars 4

While all this will take a while, Disney do have some short term Star Wars additions. While Hollywood Studios have had the yearly Star Wars weekends, this to be replaced by Seasons of the Force, which will also transfer to Disneyland. During this period in California, Space mountain will become Hyperspace Mountain, getting a Star Wars Layover, not dissimilar to the Ghost Galaxy layover it gets for Halloween.

Star Wars 5

Hollywood Studios will also get it’s own short term Star Wars additions, firstly the Star Wars Launch Bay (as planned for California), an interactive experience, which will also show hints as to what is to come in the parks, in a similar way to the Blue Sky Cellar that was placed in California Adventure during its large update.

Star Wars 6

The final addition at Hollywood Studios will be a new fireworks show, to be shown on weekends.

Star Wars 7

Alongside all these new additions, Star Tours won’t be left behind, it will be getting additions from Episode VII, While Jedi Training Academy will be receiving some Star Wars Rebels upgrades.

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