Aaron Blaise Cecil the Lion tribute


Talented Disney artist Aaron Cecil has created an incredibly moving tribute to Cecil the Lion. The Lion King artist says that he’s a huge animal lover and it drives him crazy when these beautiful animals are destroyed for no good reason. Hear, hear!! You can now buy these prints over at Aaron’s website for $20 with 100% of the proceeds doing to the company WILDcru, the company who were supporting & studying Cecil.

The world responded with an outraged outcry when it was revealed that dentist Walter Palmer had paid to shoot and kill Cecil the Lion – for sport. Palmer immediately went into hiding and has since had to hire security after his Florida home was vandalised with LION KILLER being spray painter onto his home. He has closed his Minnesota dental practise and disappeared from public view after killing the well know lion in Zimbabwe. Officials there say that they are seeking his extradition, whilst Palmer blames his hunting guides, saying he trusted them & was sure he had all necessary permits. What, if the paperwork’s okay it’s fine to murder these beautiful creatures? Sorry, but no.

Whilst we think this artwork is beautiful and the money raised will be going to a good cause, the fact that this is necessary at all saddens us deeply. Shooting and killing these majestic animals for fun is disgraceful.

It’s not sport. It’s not col. It’s not hunting. It’s murder.

What do you think?


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