Disney Vacation packages

Fantastic news! The new Disney vacation packages are available to book and some amazing savings can be made.


Not long ago there were rumours that Disney were doing away with the dining plans entirely. However, not only is this not correct but the Disney spending money is back too and has gone up from $100 to $200! And as if all that isn’t fantastic enough, the packages now include a FREE memory maker worth $199.00. The Memory maker is amazing – we had it and paid for it last year and we got so much use of it of it.


So the only choice left to make is which moderate resort you want to stay at. If you don’t want the free dining plan, you can go with a value resort and still get free breakfasts for the duration of your stay. You can also upgrade from the quick service dining plan to the Disney dining plan for an extra couple of hundred. To be honest, the Disney Dining plan will give you all you can eat and more, but last year we spent an additional $250 on character meals, so if you shell out the extra you can include as many of these as you want, so it’s well worth upgrading if you intent to do the character meals.

18902_4_Disney Character Breakfast 3

There’s never been a better time to book. After we did Disney’d Caribbean beach resort last year in November and got a taste of the way Disney take care of their guests, we plan to do the same again soon. Old Key West here we come!

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