Disney Pandora Charms

This isn’t exactly news as these charms were released in November 2014, but I wanted to talk about them as I was in Disneyworld Florida and got my hands on three of these charms the day that they were launched. It was so nice to get them and be able to bring these Exclusives back to the UK without having to pay the earth. Let’s start by taking a look at these exclusive Disney Pandora charms.




Then of course we have the charms which were super exclusive and available just in parks. The above charms were available in parks, Disney resorts and downtown a Disney at the co-op marketplace. These were a bit more hard to come by:




So whilst in Florida I bought the Minnie signature look, which is the red and white Murano glass polka dot bead. This is just gorgeous and works so well on my bracelet which already had red as the accent colour. Next up, I purchased Heart of a Mickey. I already had a plain silver heart (anniversary gift from Paul), and this was his Christmas gift to me so the heart with the addition of the crystal Mickey seemed perfect. Then I purchased a Christmas gift for my best friend and she chose the Cinderella sparkling slipper. This is so dainty and sparkly….I’m not into dangling charms myself but this one is just gorgeous. The charms come in the white Pandora box with black velvet interiors, but they also feature a pink slip box with Disney & the castle on.

I’ve been waiting for so long to get official Disney Pandora charms & I’m hoping that I can get my hands on  Minnie Cupcake and Mickey all round when we go to Disneyland Paris in October.

Do you have any of these charms? Are you planning to treat yourself?

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