I will begin with some admissions
First I have never visited Epcot!!! Secondly I only saw Frozen about 3 weeks ago!!!
Now there isn’t something ridiculously bad for these things occurring.
Epcot hasn’t been visited yet due to making just one trip to the Sunshine State (this is being remedied in 7 weeks)
With Frozen, I just decided to let hype die down (in relative terms). now I have seen it, I think it’s a very good Disney film (though I do prefer Tangled).
Now onto the bulk of this blog, a Frozen-themed ride being placed in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot, to replace the some times maligned, but greatly loved water ride, Maelstrom.
Now as I have stated previously I have never had a chance to go on this attraction, but from what I have seen from pictures and videos of the ride, it is a fairly sedate and at times, a whimsical look at the history of Norway. That being said I was looking forward to riding it on my trip in November.
Obviously that is now not going to happen with ride set to close a month before our visit.
Now for my views on its replacement. I can see that they want to get Frozen in the parks with something more permanent, and who can blame them. It is possibly their most popular animated film ever. I can also see their thinking behind wanting to update Epcot.
Has the right decision been made to combine the two??
I’m going to look at both sides, as really I have no prior knowledge of it as a whole, I believe I’m not looking at it with rose tinted glasses
Reasons for it being right that I see are this: were the Norway exhibits outdated? From what I can see probably so. Rumours of Norway no longer willing to provide funds to improve the pavilion seem to have some substance. If that is the case then yes maybe it was time to change the pavilion up a little. Anna and Elsa’s very popular meet and greet began it’s life in the pavilion and eventually outgrew the area. So we know people were willing to accept the property on that scale. So there are definitely positives towards the move.
There are also some very big negatives. The main stay of these negatives are the fact that the film is based in a Fairytale land. Yes some inspiration was taken from Scandinavian countries, but Frozen is set in the country of Arandelle. The general feeling is that this is very much that this is so far removed from everything that Epcot is about. It doesn’t show anything about a life being led or a culture of a nation.
For me I will say I feel that these people are probably right, for everything I have learnt and know about Epcot, this is leading down a very different path to where they have previously been and could see future plans for Epcot to be painted in a very different light to how it is today.
What I will say on the good side, the location will be closed for a good 18 months. I can’t see this being just a new overlay. And I know 18 months doesn’t seem a long time for a totally new attraction. But it won’t need a new show building (maybe an extension but the existing building will be part of the new attraction) and therefore won’t take as long as say the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train did in New Fantasyland. I think it may incorporate the technology that has been used to such great effect on the Ratatouille ride opened earlier this year in Disneyland Paris.
Though it maybe a disappointment of how it is coming about, I do believe there is still something to look forward to.

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