Changing of the Paris Guard


So today marked the end of an Era, Phillipe Gas has moved on from Paris to his new job and the soon to open Shanghai park. Phillipe has done a great job, so much so that he seems to be moving on up the ladder. Paris seems to have taken such a big step forward under his leadership
But now the times are changing and with that comes a new man in charge and that man will be Tom Wolber. A man who was there when Euro Disney first opened in 1992, who would then head to the States and help launch Disney Cruise Line’s Dream and Fantasy ships before moving (only in March of this year) toe becoming Senior Vice President of Walt Disney World Resort and Transportation, as well as having a major hand in the the planning of the currently being constructed Disney Springs, to replace Orlando’s Downtown Disney shopping and eating district.
Now as you can see from his previous jobs, Mr Wolber certainly has a background in hospitality and this is where I can see him making a big impact in Paris.
I believe plans are already in place for a revamp of the theme parks themselves and that he will just oversee what is already in motion. I think it will be his work on the hotels and Disney Village where he will progress Disneyland Paris.
It is to be noted that The Hotel New York is already planned to close for an entire year. I cannot see how Tom wouldn’t have had some influence on this decision. It is a bold move to close down a whole hotel for that sort of period especially when it is your second high rated hotel. But after some of the problems that were suffered during the recent renovations of The Newport Bay Hotel. A few of the hotels a prime for updates, alongside the New York I wouldn’t be overly surprised if the Cheyenne doesn’t quickly follow suit.
But I think the big plan for moving Mr Wolber to Paris will be Disney Village or whatever the next incarnation maybe.
The village is fairly dated now with not much of an upgrade since opening day. The new addition we did see was a The World of Disney, which leaves the rest of the Village looking like it was left in the 90’s.
Now I am not saying we will be looking at anything as complicated and astonishing as what I believe Disney Springs will be but a change of tack when it comes to the Village is greatly needed and I think we will see under the guidance of Tom Wolber. Fresh restaurants, retail choices and other experiences are needed, no doubt there. Exports from the US would do very well, shops like D-Street and T-Rex would be a great sight in Paris and would bring the village back up to scratch.
All this is conjecture on my part, but for the life of me I can see why else Disney would move Tom back over the pond, if they didn’t have hospitality plans for the park.
Overall though it a big welcome to our new President of Disneyland Paris, Tom Wolber

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