Character meets

As the title said this is about character meets.

Over the span of the parks the are many different characters available to meet, old classics to new favourites.

Now I know a lot of adults will probably look at this and think why would I want to have my photo with someone dressed in a furry costume??

Well this isn’t something that has ever put us off, it’s the closest you will ever get to some of those childhood heroes of yours.

From new stars like Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope through to the heroes of Pixar Films of Toy Story and Monsters Inc on to the classic Princesses and finally the big cheese himself, Mickey and the rest of the big five, they are all there.

For children its a chance to see those characters that they see on television, and for the parents it is great to see how the child reacts to them.

Now we haven’t visited any Disney parks since our little boy was born, but meeting these characters is one of the things that I am looking forward to most on his first trip this year.

On our previous trips we have just visited some characters just as a couple and if that is how you are planning on going, then don’t let it put you off.  Here are just a few of our pictures with characters over the years.


Now the places you can meet characters do depend on the park.

In the US parks they have a lot of designated buildings or spots to meet characters like at Disneyworld you have Princess Pavilion in New Fantasyland for all your Princess needs (including the very popular Anna and Elsa from Frozen),as well as separate meets with Ariel and Gaston.(they have seperate meet points!!)

4 of the big five (minus the Mouse himself) can be found at Pete’s Sillyside Show in Storybook Circus.

There are multiple other meets with Peter Pan, Alice, Merida and Winnie the Pooh and Friends in New Fantasyland.

In Adventureland you can meet Aladdin and friends, Chip & Dale, Princess Tiana and at the exit of Splash Mountain, Woody and Jesse.

In Tomorrowland you can meet Woody’s toy pal, Buzz Lightyear alongside Stitch.

And lastly Main Street there is a meet with Disney Friends (you never know who you might bump into!!) and finally the one that started it all, Mickey Mouse, in Town Hall. He has now been joined by Tinkerbell. (same building but a different meet which has its own separate queue)

Moving on to Animal Kingdom, in Dinoland you have Goofy & Pluto, moving on to the Character Landing, you have Donald and Daisy.

In Discoveryland there are multiple meets with Russell & Dug,Pocahontas and a final one again with you favourite Disney Pals.

And finally between Asia and Africa you will find those jungle pals Baloo and King Louie.

In Hollywood Studios, firstly on Streets of America you will find Phineas & Ferb

On Mickey Avenue, you will find Woody & Buzz (now reunited compared to Magic Kingdom) and more Pixar stars, Mike and Sulley.

At the Sorcerer’s Hat you will again find random characters to meet.

And Lastly at Animation Courtyard you will find Minnie Mouse, Ralph & Vanellope and also The Incredibles.

And to finish we have Epcot, around the World Showcase you will find Princess Aurora in France, In Morroco Aladdin & Jasmine, Snow White in Germany, in China Mulan, and finally in Mexico you will find the number 1 caballero,Donald.

After exiting the showcase,on the Plaza you will find Duffy the Bear, in to future world where you will see multiple meets with various characters.

At Disneyland, their meets are not quite as prominent and more spread out.

We start with a similar prospect to Princess Pavillion, with Fantasy Faire.  Also in Fantasyland you have a separate meet for Anna & Elsa and also Merida, as well as Tinkerbell & her Fairy Friends in Pixie Hollow.

In California Adventure, you will find character meets but they aren’t a regular exercise, but on the day of you visit you will find that there are characters in the park.

In Paris, character meets are a very different story. Currently the only properly organised meet in the Parks is with Mickey.

You could meet the characters in hotels but this has now been stopped and more characters can be found in the park, but this can cause a bit of chaos. I do believe that some order is being brought to these meets by having designated points but you still don’t know when these meets will happen.

Obviously there are other options, like doing character dining but that is for another blog!!!

I thought I would add some more pictures just to give you an idea of how these meets are set up.

anna-elsa-frozen-disney-princesses hqdefault P01-0001

There also a few websites and pages on Facebook that are really useful for information

And that is that blog complete

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