A Return!!!

Well then, long time no post!!!

Due to the birth of our first child, this blog seemed to be forgotten about due to time constraints, well now a trip to The Walt Disney World Resort has been booked for November.

We are booked into the Carribean Beach Resort for 10 nights, which will be our first stay on a US Disney property. We have 4 ADRs booked at 1900 Park Fare, Beaches & Cream, Chef Mickeys and Sci-Fi Dine Theater, while also using the Quick Service Dining Plan that came as part of our package.

While this may seem like a digression from the post, this has really peaked our interest in everything Disney again. With our Son now being over a year old he doesn’t need the constant attention that he did need when he was first born, we feel we can dedicate more time to the history, the present and the future of Disney, from live action to animated films, from events to merchandise, and from Anaheim to Hong Kong, and everything in between.

Regular updates shall now resume!!!!

Magical Salutations to all

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