The Pregnancy pass

Visitors to Disney are always looking for ways to skip the queues and to save their feet; Fastpass, Magic Hours, anything else you can think of.  Endless hours waiting in line in blistering heat can make the most patient, calm holiday-goer lose it and it can turn your day into a frazzled, stressful time.  Imagine going through all this but being 6-7 months pregnant.
Now some people on message boards may argue that it’s a silly place to go on holiday if you are pregnant as you can’t go on rides and because a lot of the holiday is about waiting in line.  But if like me, you have already booked and paid, you won’t want to lose or waste your holiday!  At 6 months pregnant I went to Disneyland Paris and called into the City Hall.  I asked for the pass and showed my Maternity card and the Disney staff promptly issued me with a pregnancy pass. Although I didn’t go on many rides, I did get my own boat on It’s a Small World! You enter through the disabled entrance (which is the exit), much to the bemusement of other park guests.  Then you get put straight onto the next boat.  Disney appreciate that pregnant women have limited choices when it comes to which rides they can actually ride, and that you cannot stand for hours waiting.

But……the best benefit of the pass is when it comes to the parades.

disney-parade2 parade_cinderella_1

You get access to a roped off area where there are benches to sit and rest on while you wait for the parade to begin.  While every single available inch of the sidewalk fills up over an hour in advance and people jostle, shove and battle for a great spot, you are in an open area where you are safe from being shoved and elbowed and you only have to stand up once the magic begins.  Disabled guests also have access to this area and some people do look at you wondering how you got there, but just ignore the glares!!  Also, we had people watch us go in and they decided if we were going in, they could go in too but they were asked to leave.  No pass, no access! You do have to prove you are pregnant but once you do, you and one person you are with will find navigating the park much easier.  It certainly helped my aching back, swollen ankles and sore legs!!! If you are pregnant, I highly recommend the pass.





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