Mary Poppins at the D23 2012 Expo

One of the most iconic movie props of all times, Mary Poppins’ Carpet bag went missing from the Disney archives a long time ago.  Not missing as in stolen missing – but they had no clue as to its whereabouts and weren’t able to trace or locate this legendary piece. Sold off years previously in some sort of auction/raffle, this bag has languished in someones basement (!!) in a box, used by the family as a toiletry/cosmetic bag sometimes for vacations (even though they were fully aware of what it was!).  This just beggars belief!

Luckily, Joe Maddelena of the TV show Hollywood Treasures and the company Profiles in History found the bag and rescued it and put it into one of his auctions so that it could end up in a more worthwhile place! The bag sold for an utterly staggering $95,000.00. However, it didn’t sell to Disney but once they were aware that it had been found, they set their sights on it and it is now back in their possession.  Not sure how they could have let it go to begin with to be honest!

bag PoppinsBagWP-300x213
The bag is a key piece in the Mary Poppins Exhibition which is part of the D23 2013 Expo. Along with the bag, expect to see Bert’s golden carousel horse, the nursery letter blocks spelling out MARY  POPPINS, lots of iconic costumes, and lots more.  From Disney:

“The carpet bag that Mary carries with her when she arrives at the Banks’ household is a recent acquisition of the Walt Disney Archives. It will be on display—and the Archives team is very excited to show this off for the first time!”

For more information about the D23 Expo, click HERE.

poppins horse

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